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Estate planning

Our experienced attorneys can guide you through the complex and sometimes emotional process of estate planning. We will work with you to create a plan that meets your unique needs,  protects your assets, and leaves your loved ones with peace of mind for their future.

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Estate Administration

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “The only two certainties in life are death and taxes.” Our experienced attorneys can guide you through the complex, emotional, and often frustrating process of probate or trust administration. Whether you are an executor, trustee, or beneficiary, we will work hard so that the process is streamlined for you.

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Elder and Special Needs Law

Our experienced attorneys provide compassionate and effective legal representation for the unique challenges that come with disability and aging. We offer a range of elder and special needs law services, from long-term care and public benefit planning to guardianship and individual at risk litigation.

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Business Succession

Our team of expert attorneys can help you create a succession plan that secures the future of your business. We will work with you to identify your goals and develop a comprehensive plan that protects your legacy and your business for generations to come.

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Estate Litigation

Sometimes when a person dies, litigation results.  Our experienced litigators can help resolve issues before lawsuits are filed, negotiate settlements, or litigate matters to a final judgment. We prefer not to fight, but when a legal fight comes, our experienced lawyers are an invaluable asset in your corner.

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Our experienced mediators can help you find common ground and reach mutually beneficial solutions, saving you time, money, and stress. We’re committed to providing a collaborative and respectful process that puts your needs first.

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Expert Witness

Litigation involving trusts and estates can often be emotional, complex, and involve a lot of money. When conflicts arise, it is often necessary to engage an expert to provide insightful, expert knowledge into the proper standard of care required during an estate or trust administration, including tax issues, acts of a fiduciary, and reporting requirements.  The attorneys at Walny Legal Group LLC can serve as an expert witness in mediated, negotiated, or litigated matters, providing expert counsel and analysis of key issues involved in your trusts and estates matter.  We frequently provide an expert report and are available to do depositions or even testify.

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We are here for you

Navigating estate planning, elder law, business succession, or mediation can be overwhelming. Our experienced team provides the guidance and expertise you need. Whether facing tough decisions or seeking proactive planning, our personalized solutions alleviate legal worries. Rest assured, your best interests are protected. Contact us for peace of mind on your legal journey.


From the moment you meet us, you’ll know what it feels like to have a lawyer care about you and how you feel. We’re committed to providing our clients with a top-notch legal experience.

I have known Eido Walny for over a decade.  He is a cutting edge Trust and Estates & Family Estate Planning attorney.  I have referred business to him and have never been disappointed.  I truly appreciate the fact that his firm is so focused.  Not only a great attorney but he is even a better common sense counselor.  If you need estate planning or business succession planning, you need to have an initial consultation with Eido.

Christian Marillo

Family Case

I personally know the attorneys at Walny Legal Group and I know they are thorough, detailed, capable and deliver the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend them for all of your estate planning, elder law, and family law needs.

Not only did Walny Legal Group provide excellent service and offer timely advise in constructing my trust, they have continued to be available to answer questions and also quick to provide supporting documents for transactions when asked.

Walny Legal Group LLC provides exceptional legal service to its clients.  They are professional and knowledgeable in several fields of legal practice.  As a practicing attorney in another county I have had nothing but positive experiences with the attorneys at Walny.  I highly recommend their legal services.

I personally know the attorneys at Walny Legal Group and I know they are thorough, detailed, capable and deliver the utmost professionalism.  I highly recommend them for all of your estate planning, elder law, and family law needs.

The Walny Legal Group is expertly skillful, meticulous, and genuinely cares about client feedback.  I absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with their various areas of the law.

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