Eido Walny Interviewed on Parent Estate Planning

WBBM Parenting Estate Planning Transcript
May, 2012

Alisa Parenti
As we celebrate our parents this month and next, here’s an unconventional way to honor them,
make sure their estate planning is in order.

Eido Walny
Estate Planning in general doesn’t necessarily need to be a morbid thing.

Alisa Parenti
That’s attorney Eido Walny.

Eido Walny
Almost 90% of the time a client walks in my door whether they’re rich or poor – black or white
– old or young, what they ask for is a will. Estate planning includes more than just wills and
trusts and things like that. It also includes documents like powers of attorney and HIPA

Alisa Parenti
Walny says that while all 50 states have laws in place to divide your assets if you die without a
will, there are not necessarily procedures in place for what you do if you don’t have power of
attorney or other documents on file. He suggests you work with someone who’s registered with
the National Association of Estate Planners and you don’t have to go broke doing it.

Eido Walny
This sort of project doesn’t need to cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. Powers of
attorney, simple wills, HIPA documents – those are all pretty straightforward documents.

Alisa Parenti
From the Market Watch.com Newsroom Alicia Parenti, Newsradio 780 and 105.9 FM WBBM

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