Sales to Grantor Defective

Walny Legal Group has the expertise to help clients determine whether they are able to sell assets to a Grantor Defective Trust without the imposition of capital gains at the point of sale.

LLCs and other Entities

The isolation of assets, such as the division of parcels of real estate into different LLCs, is a common and beneficial asset protection strategy.

FLPs and LLCs

A Family Limited Partnership can be a tax-efficient component of both an asset protection plan and the transfer of wealth among family members.


If a personal residence is the largest asset of an estate, Walny Legal Group can help determine if it would be beneficial to transfer that asset into a trust while a client is still living.

Beneficiary Defective Trusts

Can a person be both the grantor and beneficiary of a trust? Attorney Walny is one of a small group of attorneys in the U.S. who knows how to handle this complex asset protection vehicle.


Several U.S. states now have DAPT statues that offer benefits formerly only available offshore, but it is critically important they be properly implemented.


In some circumstances, the use of a GRAT can help increase the value transferred to a trust while minimizing tax exposure.

Irrevocable Trusts

Revocable trusts don’t offer anything in the way of asset protection, making it important to understand which of the many types of irrevocable trust may be the best choice for you.