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Estate Planning is a Necessary Addition for Kwik Trip Employees

Did you know that on average 6/10 Americans have no estate plan? And of those that have done some planning, 40% have an unestablished plan that does not address their needs or accomplish their goals. To put this in perspective, this means that of Kwik Trip, Inc.’s 26,000+ employees, only 16% have adequate estate planning in place. That means that 22,000+ employees and their families are in major need of help. Incentivizing employees to have base estate planning documents in place gives security and peace of mind to them and their families. This, in turn, will save significant sums down the road in avoiding expensive probate proceedings and other legal fees. 

Kwik trip employee
Kwik Trip Employee

Walny's Expertise in Law can Help!

Established in 2011, Walny Legal Group has been a well-known law firm in the Milwaukee area. Not only have our employees won numerous personal accolades, but we as a firm have also been awarded great honor. We are here to help you with important documents that will meet your legal needs and desires. An important note is that an innovative partnership between Kwik Trip, Inc. and Walny Legal Group LLC lowers the cost of base estate planning documents for Kwik Trip employees. These documents include:

  1. Last Will & Testament (including naming a guardian for minor children)
  2. Financial Power of Attorney
  3. Health Care Power of Attorney and Advanced Directive
  4. HIPAA Waivers

Putting these documents in place will ensure your wishes are honored and your family is secure in the future!

Our Plan

Kwik Trip employees are already accustomed to the great place that Kwik Trip is to work. However, they are most likely, based on the statistics, missing an important aspect that will make Kwik Trip Inc. an even better place to work. That missing link is the understanding and resources for conducting proper estate planning. That is where we at Walny Legal Group, come in to help. We are committed to assisting employees in the numerous crucial estate planning documents that they will need. We will offer that assistance at a lowered price through a partnership with Walny Legal Group and Kwik Trip Inc. 

Kwik Trip Employee

How to Get Started

To get started with our award-winning team of attorney’s, call (414) 751-7531 or email Attorney Emily Loe at

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  • The Walny team is wonderful – honest, caring, and so knowledgeable about both basic planning and highly advanced estate planning!

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