Selection of Business Entity and State of Organization

What is the right incorporation option to select for a business? What are the advantages or incorporating in a home state or other state? Walny Legal Group helps guide new businesses through these complex questions.


When there is more than one business owner, it is always best to have a plan in advance for common issues such as death, divorce, disability or departure.

Operating Agreements

An Operating Agreement is the LLC equivalent of corporate bylaws, making it a critically important document to guide any business.

Legal Documents

While the Internet can be a wealth of information, Walny Legal Group strongly cautions that business owners trust an experienced attorney to draft any and all necessary legal documents.

Franchise Agreements

A franchise model can offer a solid entrance to a proven business, but the agreements can be lengthy, complex and restrictive.

Entity Formation

Walny Legal Group helps clients avoid the common traps and pitfalls of starting a business, a process that is often more complex than expected.

Corporate Charter and Bylaw Issues

When it comes to operating a business, no rules should be unwritten. Charters and bylaws ensure that nothing is overlooked and there are no misunderstandings.

Buy-Sell, Voting

Never leave a business relationship to chance. Walny Legal Group helps clients ensure that scenarios such as death or divorce are planned for in advance to protect business owners.